I Want Wearables to be Amazing

Technology is going with wearable, CES proved that, the major companies are going to run with them, they are going to try to make them mainstream and I hope that they do. There are currently plenty of wearable tech items out there right now, Fitbit, Jawbone UP band, Nike Fuel band, Pebble, and Galaxy Gear just to name a few of the big names. The fitness type of wearables want to quantify our everyday lives and make us more aware of the data that we produce and also be able to use it to make ourselves better. The other items are more based on easier notifications by allowing us to see the item with having to get our phone and check the notification, which can seem rude to some people.

I want this all to be more amazing, things like Google Glass that have profound ideas on what we want wearables to be able to do. I want more than that though, I want to have a full HUD, I want a very sci-fi experience. Where is Jarvis (I am aware that Intel presented a personal assistant named Jarvis) from the Iron Man movies? Where is the holograms that we can interact with and have 3D movement with data? These are the amazing that I want and I think that we are closer than we think we are. I think that consumers would use the technology if it was affordable and if we could easily integrate it without having to purchase extra pieces. I am looking forward to 2014 for all of these wearables to come out and see which ones rise and which ones fall, I will personally be wanting the Razer Nabu to do great and I will be getting one as soon as I can (also it’s going to be amazing and that’s why I want one).

First Post

Hi everyone out there! This is going to be my place to talk about my tech life. I will be talking about different things from computers to cell phones and everything in between. I am just starting out on blogging so bare with me as I learn and get better. I am currently finishing my degree in Computer Information Systems and I am currently working for a major cell phone provider. Please check out my Twitter account and my LinkedIn page for more information. I try to keep as up-to-date as possible for many different types of technology and will try to post key news that I find and articles that I think will move things in technology forward. So with all that said I am hoping that everyone will enjoy this as much as I am going to.

Just trying to add my own part to this giant tech world that is ours! Follow me on Twitter @joestechlife